Thinking What to Say

Thinking what to Say | $7,200

A story of Lack of Communication

You do not realize what you do to someone until you do something to someone and they do something to you back.

What could have been never was...

Honoring Myself

This painting took me 1 year and 8 months to complete. I take inspiration from the live I live and share that on the canvas. That is why the colors pop so much in the painting. It is a reflection of my soul.

I started this painting and myself discovery when COVID hit, March 2019. I took the opportunity of a broken heart and free time to do me. There were no more distractions anymore.

Here you see a meal I designed with my mother. I am inspired by Japanese culture. To the left when I went to go visit my friends in Chicago. I was developing my yoga practice.

You learn the best when you are put to the test.

Somehow that night I knew I was holding on to an empty relationship.

I think that's where my creativity came from. I wanted to by seen so I thought if I become colorful then they would see me. Turns out time and time again they never did see me or at least they pretended not to...