Selfcare is Hardwork

Selfcare is Hardwork| $4,800

Dried organic matter on canvas protected with clear isolation coat and archival varnish

18 inches by 24 inches

Certificate of Authenticity included

A story of Selfcare

Start with Hardwork. You body, you mind, and your soul are like the plumbing in your house. If you do not have the proper habits, there will be an imbalance that creates blockage.

That blockage took a lot of energy over time to build up, so it's going to take a lot more energy over a short period of time to break it up.

It doesn't break up on it's own. You need to be intentional with you effort. Here's the good news. No blockage is unbreakable. No matter how stuck you feel you are. There is always a way back.

For instructions on how to clear up emotional and spiritual blockage see the gratitude and forgiveness story.