Gratitude and Forgiveness | $12,000

Acrylic on canvas protected with clear isolation coat and archival varnish

24 inches by 18 inches

Certificate of Authenticity included

The Gateways of Energy

There are two energies in the universe, Positive and Negative. Our bodies are vessels that hold a finite amount of energy. If we store too much negative energy and we can't receive any positive energy.

So to release negative energy, practice forgiveness. Forgiveness of self first. Otherwise how can we forgive others if hold resent for ourselves. Then we can begin to truly forgive others.

Emptied of the negative energy, we can then fill the void with positive energy. A gratitude practice to ourselves and others around us fills our body with the positivity, warmth, and love that universe provides.

What is something you can forgive yourself for right now?

What is something you can forgive someone else for right now?

What are your grateful for about yourself?

What are you grateful for about others? The code to this page is "Grateful Dead"