Acrylic Painting of Duality of Beauty

Duality of Beauty | $111,000

Acrylic on canvas protected with clear isolation coat and archival varnish
20 inches by 20 inches
Certificate of Authenticity included

A story of Self Discovery

An adventure guided by paint and friends. When I began the painting, I thought I was painting this for a woman I fell in love with. I met her at a music festival, and she turn me into stone. Her favorite color is green.

The more I painted, the more time past. The more time past, the more I was able to reflect on our fleeting relationship.

Soon I began to see this was not a painting about her, but a painting about me. It's always been about me, I would only project my emotions onto someone else and blame them for the pain I felt.

The story of self discovery starts at rock bottom emotionally. How do you change the momentum? Start taking accountability for everything that happens to you in your life.

Honoring Myself

This painting took me 1 year and 8 months to complete. I take inspiration from the live I live and share that on the canvas. That is why the colors pop so much in the painting. It is a reflection of my soul.

I started this painting and myself discovery when COVID hit, March 2019. I took the opportunity of a broken heart and free time to do me. There were no more distractions anymore.

Here you see a meal I designed with my mother. I am inspired by Japanese culture. To the left when I went to go visit my friends in Chicago. I was developing my yoga practice.

You learn the best when you are put to the test.

To Paint Well, Live Alive

I moved to Lake Tahoe Winter of 2021. Snowboarding taught me skills in live that I carry in my personal and professional life. To sum it up here is a poem

My thirst for adventure will never be quenched

So Long I continue to survive,

I learn how many gulps to take between each breathe.

The End

I'm still finding myself, I don't think you ever stop finding yourself. The more you live the more there is to explore.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

The Code word for this passage is "LOOK WITHIN"